The Christening of Uffda


Al and Eileen came over the day after Christmas to help christen Uffda with a bottle of champagne.  Al had already spent some quality time with Uffda the day they brought the sailboat across Lake Lanier. It was a classy get together with green solo cups left over from our wedding reception four years ago.

Uffda in winter

This weekend was a bit chilly on Lake Lanier but we still had coffee with Uffda one morning.  We have figured out the water in the cabin for sure came from rain water leaking inside.  Since we vacuumed all of the water out and covered Uffda with a classy blue tarp or two… NO WATER! But Ryan did find an icy light saber on the blue tarp Saturday morning!

newuffda6 newuffda5


Always something to uncover…

Newuffdastove newuffda3 newuffda1 JPEG Image (51951)

We’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks and haven’t been giving Uffda any love… but I found some photos I hadn’t published yet.  Ryan evaluated the stove and was able to open a drawer that had been swollen shut!  We find something new about Uffda in each nook and cranny!  Ryan has also hooked up utility lights inside the boat so we have more light during dark winter days!  We can’t wait for spring!