Back to Uffda!


We haven’t updated the blog in a while… but it’s not that we haven’t been giving Uffda some love.  Ryan severed his Achilles tendon in April and had surgery in May.  He couldn’t even get to the dock for a month.  I don’t mean to complain but it was difficult being the single mother of Uffda, three ski boats and a row boat.  Plus it was spring and both  Georgia and Minnesota places needed some cleaning and pressure washing.  In the midst of my pressure washing on the Lake Lanier dock,  I smoked the inverter on our solar power system and managed to bust the ski boat during a Ben Groen Barefoot Clinic.  So repairs on our dock, keeping the ski boats running  and barefoot waterskiing took up our summer.

But we did find Uffda a new home on our neighbor’s dock and Ryan helped me move das boot Uffda in his walking boot!  uffdamoveWith Uffda under cover airing out, we continued to clean it out right to the fiberglass.  Ryan’s Dad, Mr. Byron visited in October and took a bunch of the wood home to refinish it!  It looks amazing!  We can’t wait to start rebuilding! Stay tuned more exciting details about Uffda the Sailboat to come!

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