Fun with Fiberglass

After a test fiberglass project in the garage… we are now working on sealing the holes on the boat… just like Robert Redford in the movie “All is Lost.” With hopefully better results!

Next step… installing the new portlights!  Go Uffda!

Getting this Boat Moving

img_6769.jpgAfter a ton of research on replacing our gasoline engine which was underwater for two years— we gave up.  We went to our expert, the boat engine whisperer and “King of Lake Lanier,” Mike Crawford, for some advice.

Crawford suggested a used outboard with a long shaft.  He found one in North Georgia and installed it on the back!  It took some reinforcement to the stern, but we took it out for a ride this week!  A mount on the back of the boat let’s us lift the motor out of the water when we are sailing! As Crawford would say “It was a calculated risk” but it worked!